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Welcome to Lake View Park Church of the Nazarene

Our Church History

In August of 1955, Lake View Park Church of the Nazarene was begun as a "daughter" church of First Church of the Nazarene, then located near downtown Oklahoma City. Since that time, Lake View Park Church - or LVP, as we call it - has been a place for people to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and grow in their Christian faith.

Our core beliefs

Seven powerful truths for anyone who believes and accepts as true Christ's death on the cross and His resurrection from the dead.

  1. Jesus forever defeated and destroyed the eternal death grip of sin.

  2. Jesus forever unites to Himself those who believe and have living faith in Him.

  3. Jesus forever ushers those who believe, from the death side of the cross and resurrection to the eternal, living side.

  4. Jesus forever gives eternal life in exchange for eternal death.

  5. Jesus, who is living, gives the Christ-follower a living hope.

  6. Jesus is forever Victor and gives living victory both now and evermore.

  7. Jesus' resurrection guarantees the believer's resurrection.

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